Tips for Working Remotely – S9to5 #9

Elizabeth and I worked remotely for a few jobs over the years. A lot of times travel jobs have a small component of working remotely, and that’s how remote work started for us.

But after some time moving up the corporate ladder and some cultural changes at corporate jobs, working remotely became more common. So for a few years, Elizabeth and I worked from home and with a huge amount of flexibility.

We talk about the pros, cons, and tips for working remotely.


  1. Flexibility
  2. No commute
  3. No dry cleaning


  1. Less social interaction
  2. Harder to have team meetings
  3. Income instability and poor access to affordable healthcare


  1. It’s still a job!  Treat it like one.
  2. Use your technology


  1. Flexjobs
  2. Indeed: Search & Filtering (Telecommute and Remote)


  1. First remote jobs
  2. How the 4 Hour Work Week suggests


Is working remotely bad for you?

Other tips for working remotely

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