How To ACTUALLY Get Promoted – S9to5 #1

There is no magic one way to get promoted!  Find out what will work for you and your corporate culture.

What doesn’t work – “Common Advice”:

  • Doing your job – that’s enough
  • Work overtime
  • Volunteering to do more/extra work
  • General Networking

What does work:

  • Get a mentor two levels up
  • Volunteer to Plan a Charity Event
  • Market Yourself
  • Plan Ahead

Even if you aren’t trying to get promoted right now, the four points above are always good things to do.

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Doug Cunnington

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  • Adrian August 9, 2018, 12:20 pm Link Reply

    Hey Doug & Elizabeth…
    Happy that you guys have took the step and put the podcast together …

    Loved the first episode.

    I’ve been promoted few times, but once I’ve got to the position that I thought is going to be AWESOME … after sometime I end up being diappointed.

    Too much responsability for the headaches. Many times you don’t get the respect from the people above,
    Being in a management position it will reduce your social life to almost zero and family becomes more someone that you visit rather then the people that you should spend most of your time with.

    Agree with all your points on HOW YOU’LL NOT GET PROMOTED …

    In my experience the best way to get promoted is a mix of :

    Be a person that others like to be around, smile a lot, be genuine, be pozitive…

    Semi-blind confidence
    I’ve always “inflated” a little bit my experience, my skills … BUT always knowing that if at any point I might be ask to do what I was somehow “bluffing” I can do … I knew I could it!

    Sell yourself
    You need to learn a little bit about negotiation and sales. This it wasn’t natural to me … I’ve learned how to do it from the observing others.

    I hope it doesn’t sound BS … but anytime I wanted to get a job or a position … I’ve got it. (In my limitations of course, I’d love to become a singer … but I suck at singing 😀 )

    This was an instant winner for me everytime … when we had to do something everyone was looking at everyone not sure what to do or how … I was always an action taker. People above you loves that. They might see a leader in you!

    What’s the idea of doing this podcast in the long run guys?

    BTW … Survive the 9 to 5 sounds like the Screw The 9 to 5 🙂 … well done in choosing the name 😀

    I’ll go listen the other episodes soon!👍

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