First Job Stories – S9to5 #7

In this episode, we share some silly stories from our first jobs. We thought we were hot shit and actually knew what we were doing. Now we see how inaccurate that is. 

Leave a comment below about your first job!

Doug’s first job

  • Consulting in a warehouse
  • His project would eventually determine layoffs
  • He clogged the company toilet and let the warehouse workers take the blame
  • He felt really important, but really didn’t know much!
  • He left because he got tired of the long hours and travel

Elizabeth’s first job

  • Consulting at a hospital in New Jersey
  • New Jersey Stereotypes? Are they true? 
  • Had to go through a goose gauntlet to get in the office
  • Became the “expert” after only six months of experience
  • Started out very exciting, but quickly became draining
  • Referred to the project location as “home” instead of my actual home, so had to get out!

Tips for your first day at work

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