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First Job Stories – S9to5 #7

In this episode, we share some silly stories from our first jobs. We thought we were hot shit and actually knew what we were doing. Now we see how inaccurate that is.  Leave a comment below about your first job! Doug’s first job Consulting in a warehouseHis project would eventually determine layoffsHe clogged the company […] Read more

Bios and Intro – S9to5 #6

Personally       Moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Bozeman, Montana in 2015      Less people…less traffic…more mountains!      We love our dog…Georgie! ( Elizabeth       Educated at Georgia Institute of Technology, Bachelors and Masters, Industrial Engineering       Worked in consulting, healthcare technology and healthcare finance       MISTAKES – Switching jobs didn’t really build on past skills and experience Doug       Educated at Georgia Institute […] Read more

Mini Retirement – S9to5 #5

Find a way to do what you enjoy before retirement!There’s no guarantee you will live until retirementYou might not “like” retirement – it could be a hard adjustment after a lifetime of 40 hour workweeksA “mini-retirement” is taking off 1 to 6 months every couple of years to take a break!Test what you think you […] Read more

401Ks and Retirement – S9to5 #4

401Ks have been around since the early 1980s, and have replaced pension plans for many employees. Make the right decision for you, but if your company has a 401k match, you should at least try to take advantage of that match.  Pay attention to the vesting schedule, because you may need to stay with your […] Read more

Work Life Balance – S9to5 #3

You are responsible for taking control of your work/life balance.  No one will do it for you! Company – Max Barry “The problem is it’s a myth.  We’ve run the numbers and it doesn’t check out.  The amount you gain from reduced absenteeism and error rates is swamped by what you lose to reduced […] Read more

Performance Reviews – S9to5 #2

Plan ahead for your performance review!  Find out if it is directly related to a merit increase (raise = more money).  You should keep track of your progress and communicate with your boss throughout the year so there are no surprises. Positives A great way to set goals It is a tool to help you […] Read more

How To ACTUALLY Get Promoted – S9to5 #1

There is no magic one way to get promoted!  Find out what will work for you and your corporate culture. What doesn’t work – “Common Advice”: Doing your job – that’s enough Work overtime Volunteering to do more/extra work General Networking What does work: Get a mentor two levels up Volunteer to Plan a Charity […] Read more

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