Bios and Intro – S9to5 #6


  •       Moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Bozeman, Montana in 2015
  •       Less people…less traffic…more mountains!
  •       We love our dog…Georgie! (


  •       Educated at Georgia Institute of Technology, Bachelors and Masters, Industrial Engineering
  •       Worked in consulting, healthcare technology and healthcare finance
  •       MISTAKES – Switching jobs didn’t really build on past skills and experience


  •       Educated at Georgia Institute of Technology, Computer Engineering
  •       Worked in consulting – Accenture, Amdocs
  •       Started own business around Amazon Affiliate and Internet Marketing
  •       MISTAKES – Got complacent and wasn’t learning new things in corporate job

It’s never too late to start something new!  Just look at Colonel Sanders!

Dilbert comic strips are a great satire of corporate life!  Thank you, Scott Adams!

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Doug Cunnington

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