The Podcast dedicated to tactics, tips, and strategies that help you survive and be happier on your crazy corporate journey.

Jobs can be less than pleasant. A Gallup poll said that most people hate their job.

Ouch! Let’s look at those numbers…

    • 30% of the full-time workers are “engaged” at work in the US.
    • 16% of the full-time workers are “actively disengaged” in the US. They complain about their job, have resentment, and bring down morale.
    • Worldwide the number of engaged workers is even less: 15%.

So after weathering a couple of years of corporate work, we decided to record some of the conversations we had about work life.

About Us

  • We really like our dog, Georgie.
  • We grew up and started our careers in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • We moved to Montana to have a less “busy-city” lifestyle.

About Doug

This was a great Red IPA with my name it in. Yum.

This was a great Red IPA with my name it in. Yum.

I really like beer — like a lot! I’m a National Level beer judge with the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP). So I can geek out on beer and my favorites are usually Belgian Style, but I like any style.

I don’t post on Instagram often, but when I do, it’s normally a beer. Follow Doug on IG here.

Niche Site Project – Doug’s Internet Marketing Blog

Check out Niche Site Project here.

I write about SEO, productivity, project management, and niche sites. My work has been featured all over the web, including Ahrefs, Empire Flippers, Niche Pursuits, Side Hustle Nation and more.

I got into affiliate marketing by accident, after finding the Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn. That was back in 2013 — I was immediately hooked! I started my first affiliate site in less than a month, then started telling Elizabeth all about this “make money online” thing.

I’m glad I found marketing and entrepreneurship since it’s been an obsession for the last 5 years. More important is that I was able to make this side gig of affiliate marketing my full-time job after I got laid off in 2015.

Before that, I was your typical worker bee working a 9 – 5 gig, though it was more like 8 – 8.

I really didn’t like it very much, but I learned a bunch in a very short time in management consulting.

I’ve been a software engineer, a business consultant, software tester, and of course, a PM. If you’re interested in my professional background, see my LinkedIn profile.

About Elizabeth

My wife, Elizabeth, is the light of my life (she’s looking over my shoulder as I write this).

Seriously, though, she’s a great gal and has been very supportive of me as I’ve explored a non-corporate lifestyle.  She’s a little bit nervous about this podcast and website since she currently works a corporate job and doesn’t want to do anything to alienate her current employer.

One of her problems is that she’s smart – maybe too smart – and sometimes has a hard time playing the corporate “games” that are necessary to succeed.  She’s worked in healthcare her whole career, in consulting, IT, and also on the finance side.  She has a lot of interesting experience to share about when things went right…and wrong…in her various jobs.  I’m encouraging her now to figure out what her passion is (it’s never too late to start over), but right now she is committed to working the nine-to-five lifestyle because of it’s “supposed” predictability and security.